Weddings & Marriage

First Lutheran Church of Crystal marries both members and non-members and invites you to participate in our premarriage ministry.

The premarriage process includes taking the Prepare premarriage inventory which is an excellent tool that identifies strengths in your relationship and opportunities for growth. During the premarriage process, you’ll also meet with a pastor and with our wedding coordinators who will help you plan a meaningful ceremony.

If you are interested in getting married at First Lutheran Church of Crystal, please let us know. Contact us by email or call 763-537-4576.


Marriage Encounter Weekend:
You are God’s Love for your Spouse

Say “I Love You” with a Lutheran Marriage Encounter weekend. Get away from the everyday demands of the world so the two of you can really focus on each other. You’ll spend two nights in a comfortable hotel and enjoy five delicious meals from Friday at 7:00 p.m. to Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Four presenting couples, including a Lutheran clergy couple, give a series of presentations followed by questions the couples discuss in the privacy of their hotel room.

There is no counseling and no group sharing. No one tries to change who you are. It’s great for couples who already have a good marriage and want to enrich their relationship, but it also does wonders for those marriages that have lost their luster through years of child rearing and work obligations.

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